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Chamomile tea  


Once I saw my own reflection in a cup of 

chamomile tea  

and wondered 

why it was less painful to see myself 

distorted through steam 


Liquid flooded my mouth and I tasted 

every grain of salt in the ocean saw 

every star lighting the back of my eyes felt 

every blade of grass pressed to the soles of 

my feet 


And the tea on my lips said:  


Before you existed 

I waited billions of years to be here 

just for you  


Wrapping myself tightly in my own arms 

my fingers became dust  

my eyes pebbles 

eroding in a stream 


My blood 


through fissures in the earth 


To settle here 

in this cup  


And paint my ghost in vapour  

Dana Foley is an avid writer, reader, and cupcake-eater from Ottawa, Ontario. She is currently working on finishing her English degree from Carleton University. Lately, her writing tends to focus on female and adolescent perspectives. Her short stories and poems have been published in The F-Word, Montreal Writes, Blank Spaces Magazine, and others. You can find Dana on Instagram at @dana.foley.


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