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Herk Harvey 


Tin roof de Kooning,—

[odeon tap-water] Herk Harvey

walked thru a chainlink fence;

[figural basis] all the way

to Utah, touching



An attic of faces: the furniture

juts out, hiding its secret


[limb lolly datum]


          Bleeding cardioids;

          a Chilkat button blanket.—

Northern Lights

Sawtooth machine; triangle pulse

[spectrum of true colours]


It came without warning! fuchsia

alarms quiet the question,

northern nights—


[bloodshot joyous] the sparrow

hoists the hand, cupped


               locking arm;

         tell us what happened.

Cory Steel-O'Meara is an aspiring poet from Ottawa, Ontario. His poems have been published in PACE, Glowworm, Nymphs, and Headline Poetry & Press.

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